Overview of Key Personnel

Jeffrey K. Lines, President

The President of TAG Associates Inc., Jeffrey K. Lines, has over twenty-five years experience in the field of public housing. He has worked in the administration of public housing at both the state and local levels. He served as the chief financial and administrative officer at the Boston Housing Authority under the court appointed receiver in the 1980's. He served as the lead technical consultant to the National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing, coordinating research, preparing reports, and developing findings and recommendations which were presented to the U.S. Congress. The work and research of the National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing was used as the basis for creating the HOPE VI Program.

Mr. Lines has written numerous articles, reports and guidebooks and has created related technical assistance materials on public housing published by HUD and various housing journals. In addition to his extensive experience in training and research, Mr. Lines has significant hands-on experience in the administration of public housing programs. Mr. Lines served as the Independent Management Team Coordinator for the recovery efforts of the District of Columbia Housing Authority being operated under court receivership. The firm has served as the Alternative Administrator for the Ellen Wilson HOPE VI Program in Washington, D.C. and provides program management assistance to many other public housing revitalization projects. Mr. Lines has worked on numerous other capital financing initiatives including commercial loan and bond financing programs. The firm has also been involved in the Moving To Work Program demonstration since its inception, implementing a public housing block grant approach for funding large urban Public Housing Agencies. Mr. Lines served as a Senior Advisor to the Harvard Graduate School of Design Public Housing Operating Cost Study.

Mr. Lines currently serves as the U.S. District Court Special Master for the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri (HAKC). As the Special Master, he is responsible for all aspects of the operations of that Authority, which administers three HOPE VI grants, a major rehabilitation grant, new public housing development programs and other special purpose grant activities, such as welfare to work demonstrations, headquartered at a comprehensive one stop shop facility known as the Family Development and Learning Center. In addition to operating a HOPE VI demonstration program that serves family households and also serves as a replacement for a former distressed elderly development, the Authority operates a number of other mixed finance development initiatives. The Housing Authority of Kansas City is also engaged in extensive efforts to create new mixed-income communities that incorporate public housing into non-traditional (i.e. non-racially and economically-impacted) areas of the City of Kansas City. During Mr. Lines' tenure as Receiver, HAKC has moved from a severely distressed Authority to high performer status. By the end of this calendar year, all HAKC public housing units will have been either replaced or reconstructed.
Mr. Lines holds a Master of Business Administration degree, a Master of Urban Affairs degree and a Bachelor of Arts degree.

William F. Grindl

William F. Grindl is a Senior Associate at TAG and has over 25 years management experience in the public and private sectors. Mr. Grindl has conducted HA management assessments in Kansas City, San Francisco, Indianapolis, Washington, DC, Detroit, Trenton, NJ, Muncie, IN, and Quincy, MA. As a part of HOPE VI planning and revitalization plans at various authorities, Mr. Grindl has provided HOPE VI related services on more than forty projects and dozens of mixed finance or tax credit only projects.

Mr. Grindl has provided on-going technical assistance to HOPE VI projects and has overseen the development of long-term capital plans for Philadelphia, Chicago, and Kansas City Housing Authorities. His expertise encompasses all aspects of the program, including the mixed finance provisions as outlined in 24 CFR Part 941 F.

Mr. Grindl has developed an approach to asset management involving formal asset management protocols and procedures and has established asset management programs for many PHAs, large and small. He is experienced in all aspects of facilities management and was a real estate and facilities manager prior to joining TAG Associates. Mr. Grindl has worked as a Senior Planner for a large PHA and has work experience as a property manager for private management firms in the Boston area.

Mr. Grindl has also performed or overseen development of numerous long term physical and capital needs plans for private sector developments and for PHAs such as Chicago, Philadelphia, Rockford, IL, and Kansas City.

In 2001, Mr. Grindl, through TAG Associates, assumed direct oversight of Housing Operations for the Housing Authority of New Haven. In this capacity, he guided the Housing Operations Department, assisted in the job search for a new Director and participated in numerous operational activities. These activities included development of and training on asset management and procurement manuals, and development of a wide variety of policies and procedures related to housing operations.

Mr. Grindl has also managed a long term HUD contract, which involved the development of a complete approach to site-based housing management as well as procedures to assist in their implementation. In addition to site based housing and maintenance management, Mr. Grindl has developed procedures related to procurement and shared energy savings contractors.

Paul Galvin

Attorney Paul Galvin, an associate at TAG, is currently serving in the role of Project Manager for the Receivership of the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri, working directly for the Special Master in the oversight of all areas of agency operations. He was a member of the Post-Receivership Governance Working Group, participating in the process to establish a new Board of Directors and provide training for them and in the drafting of enabling legislation. Mr. Galvin was also actively involved in the development of the annual Receivership Plan, which was submitted for Court approval and defined the scope of activities and expected milestones for the Authority.

Mr. Galvin has worked with the District of Columbia Housing Authority on updating their policy and procedure manuals and providing technical assistance to their HCVP program. He is involved in the creation of an endowment fund in Kansas City to fund future resident service activities through the use of an affiliated non-profit. Mr. Galvin is a member of the Massachusetts Bar Association. His legal background and experience enable him to assist PHAs in achieving compliance with HUD rules, regulations and policies related to public housing. He has direct experience working with PHAs in monitoring and improving Section 8 performance through his work in both Kansas City and the District of Columbia.

Mr. Galvin has participated in recent management assessments in Houston, San Francisco and Trenton, in the areas of legal, procurement and contracting, public safety, and Section 8. He has performed management reviews for resident management corporations and private management firms at HOPE VI sites. His areas of expertise include asset management, housing operations, public housing redevelopment and the development of homeownership plans.

John May

John May is an Associate with TAG Associates. With primary expertise in the areas of asset management, public housing operations, budgeting and mixed-finance housing development, Mr. May has worked with a number of clients, including the Housing Authority of Kansas City, MO (HAKC) the Philadelphia Housing Authority, District of Columbia Housing Authority, the Housing Authority of the City of Houston and the Springfield, IL Housing Authority (SHA). Mr. May assists with improving management of conventional and alternatively managed developments through the use of advanced asset management methods. He has also worked with HAKC, SHA and the Housing Authority of the City of Pittsburgh to review and assist with structuring evidentiary agreements for mixed-financed developments. In addition, he has worked with the Housing Authority of New Orleans to create a 10-year strategic capital plan. Currently, Mr. May is part of the program management team developing the Millennium Place HOPE VI revitalization in Muncie, IN.

Prior to working at TAG, Mr. May worked as Assistant Director of Property Management for the Commonwealth Land Trust, a non-profit housing development organization in Boston, MA. At Commonwealth Land Trust, Mr. May oversaw the property management operations of 223 affordable family and single-room occupancy units. His areas of oversight included tenant selection and leasing and regulatory compliance. Mr. May also worked for five years as a Hearing Examiner and Inspector for the Rent Control Board of the City of Cambridge, MA, where he evaluated operating budgets and property management and analyzed capital needs for rent-controlled residential properties.

Ramses Baptiste

Ramses Baptiste is a network system administrator with eight years of information technology experience, including multi-platform environments, networking knowledge and computer lab design and set up. He is a Microsoft certified Partner and is also experienced with Macintosh systems and MS SQL Server 2000, Crystal Reports, FRX Reports, Retail Sale Management (POS), and Microsoft Business Solutions-Great Plains. He assists his housing authority clients in all areas of information technology and data reporting.

Prior to working with TAG, Mr. Baptiste worked as System Administrator for CEGEC, an accounting firm providing financial services to non-profit organizations and government and private institutions. He provided assistance in the areas of software conversions and technical issues. Mr. Baptiste interacted with partners overseas on a variety of technical issues. He was responsible for all issues regarding internal networks, hardware and software. He implemented Dynamics GP and RMS at client sites and was responsible for the ongoing technical support of those programs.