Admissions and Occupancy

TAG Associates has reviewed many Housing Authorities in the areas of processing applications, screening for eligibility, record keeping, initial and annual verification of income and rent, rent collection, lease enforcement, and eviction. These reviews have included checking for compliance with federal and state regulatory requirements, conformity to federal and state regulatory agency policies, documenting the "flows" of applications and paper and overall efficiency in administration. These reviews have identified possible efficiency and processing improvements. Assessments have occurred for both low-income housing and Section 8 programs. Recommendations for improvements are always included in such assessments. TAG also provides housing authorities with assistance implementing these recommendations for improvement.

TAG's experience with Occupancy Programs has also included developing marketing plans and programs, new admissions policies and vacancy reduction programs (including strategies at many PHAs under the specially-funded Vacancy Reduction Program). New lease and grievance procedures and tenant screening procedures have been a part of the strategies and programs initiated by TAG Associates.

TAG has been a leader in developing programs that provide preferences, site-based and jurisdictional waiting lists to promote stabilized occupancy, as well as economic and demographic diversities.

TAG performed a wide range of admissions and occupancy services for the Boston Housing Authority, including an assessment of workflow and efficiency in the BHA's Occupancy Department, a revision of the Authority's ACOP to comply with the Public Housing Reform Act of 1998, and the implementation of a pilot program that moves admissions functions to BHA sites.

Under the Receivership, TAG has moved the Housing Authority of Kansas City to the forefront of Public Housing Authority policy in implementing innovative public housing initiatives. Ceiling rents, which have now been changed to flat rents, were implemented to remove the disincentive for stable working families to remain in public housing created by the standard public housing rent calculation. In addition, local preferences for admission have been implemented to increase the number of working families in public housing and site-based preferences for occupancy now allow greater choice to housing applicants. TAG also revised the Housing Authority of Kansas City's Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy to comply with QHWRA.

TAG focused on an assessment of existing operations and making recommendations for improvements, assisting in revising the agency Admissions and Continued Occupancy Plan (ACOP) and assisting in developing a reduced reliance on centralized staff in favor of a greater role for site based management staff in screening and lease-up responsibilities. when TAG was providing the Section 8 technical assistance to the District of Columbia Housing Authority.

TAG was actively involved in the reorganization of the Admissions Department of the Philadelphia Housing Authority, including the implementation of Home Selection Days in which waiting list applicants are given a list of all vacancies by bedroom size, allowed to visit the different developments and to choose from among avaialble units rather than simply be given a single unit to accept or reject. As part of the assessment, TAG evaluated the activities of both the leasing and housing operations departments, streamlined some of the paperwork processes and amended policies and procedures as necessary.