Asset Management

TAG Associates has been in the forefront of developing asset and site-based management procedures at large public housing authorities. TAG's President, Jeffrey K. Lines, helped focus contemporary thinking in the field of asset management during the early 1990s by writing a definitive report recognized by the National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing (NCSDPH). Our approach to asset and site-based management has helped define the components of asset management programs at many large public and subsidized housing portfolios.

A significant part of the asset management protocol developed by Mr. Lines is the use of a formal site visit procedure that supplies a framework for the asset manager to review activities at the site during a formal monthly meeting. A greatly expanded version provides for an annual management audit. The annual audit is anticipated to take a day or longer and contains a series of action steps, file reviews, and data analysis. The intent is for the audit to be performed prior to any annual contract negotiations for privately managed sites. In addition, there are supporting protocols describing what asset managers should be evaluating and reviewing, as well as revised job descriptions for asset managers which relate directly to performance measures established at the beginning of the year. Asset management protocols have been implemented by TAG in Kansas City, Detroit, Philadelphia, New Haven and the District of Columbia.

In the development of its recommended performance measures, TAG has reviewed and assessed a variety of public housing and private housing management indicators and performance measures, and has incorporated both into its asset management plans.

Implementation of asset management invariably involves the training of authority staff. The TAG Associates team has extensive expertise in training, particularly training that illuminates asset management as a positive tool for housing authority staff. The President of TAG developed and implemented a highly successful activity-based training program for the financial management staff of Resident Management Corporations. This "learning-by-doing" approach to training is a highly transferable skill which addresses the needs of public housing authorities. TAG's training experience includes work at the Housing Authorities of Kansas City, Indianapolis, District of Columbia, Philadelphia, New Haven and Detroit. At these authorities, TAG has performed training in PHAS management options and project based budgeting. TAG has also performed asset management training in San Francisco and Dade County, FL, as well as PHAS training at numerous authorities, including Puerto Rico, the District of Columbia and Detroit. TAG Associates provided direct technical assistance to the San Francisco Housing Authority in a variety of key management areas, including an extensive training program for middle and upper-level management.

TAG has been a leader in development of management procedures for public housing authorities overseeing private property management firms. Drawing on our many years of experience with private management of public housing and our formative role in bringing mixed financing to public housing, TAG has worked with a number of major Housing Authorities to effect a transition from the traditional public housing management model to the advanced asset management models used in the management of private market properties. TAG has developed and implemented Requests for Proposals for alternative management entities and developed formal procedures for overseeing the private management of public housing authority developments.

Success of the Consultant in
Administering Asset Management

TAG has been highly successful in administering asset management programs throughout the country. By applying our expertise in site based and asset management, we have developed a 100% success rate in assisting public housing authorities to be removed from the HUD Troubled list. Public housing authorities that TAG has assisted in this manner include Kansas City, Detroit, District of Columbia, Indianapolis, and San Francisco. TAG continues to provide on-going asset management assistance in Kansas City and the District of Columbia and is actively involved in implementing and refining the asset management capacity of these large PHAs.

In addition to assisting within these areas, TAG has experience investigating issues related to the privatization of housing at many housing authorities. As mentioned above, we have worked in this area in Dade County, FL, the State of New York, the Philadelphia Office of Community Development, and the National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing. Many of our other privatization evaluations were performed for HOPE VI and other mixed-income projects. TAG also has developed an asset management methodology to assist with public housing authority portfolio management and the prioritization of capital improvements.

Property Management

Associates at TAG have more than seventy five years of combined operational experience gained through working at senior management levels at the Cambridge, Boston and San Francisco Housing Authorities. This experience includes management of private real estate and working with a large number of clients to provide strategic technical assistance. Management activities have included directing operations at conventional state-aided family housing developments, preparation of operating budgets, preparation of management improvement and intervention plans, and supervisory responsibility for a very large public housing authority's fiscal affairs department. Individual staff profiles include selected details of related PHA management experience, as well as private management experience.

TAG Associates is a leader in the development of plans and strategies for initiating site based management and public housing authorities asset management strategies. TAG has completed or is completing work on these projects in Detroit, MI, Washington, D.C., Philadelphia, PA, and Kansas City, MO. As part of our client's mixed income and HOPE VI development projects, TAG also assists in the implemention and utilization of private and alternative management entities.

Physical Facilities Planning and Management

TAG Associates has provided a variety of services related to the maintenance, management, and modernization of physical facilities. Large scale assessments have been performed for the Capital Fund Program (and predecessor programs) for large public housing authorities. Other services have included inspections of housing units and developments, evaluation of maintenance work order systems and maintenance operations, development of cost estimates for modernization of developments, and design of preventive maintenance programs. Housing viability studies and distressed housing rehabilitation planning are other examples of TAG's work on capital improvement plans. Through TAG, capital assessments have been performed in recent years for Kansas City, MO, Chicago, IL, Philadelphia, PA and Rockford, IL.