Resident Services

TAG Associates has developed and implemented numerous resident services and economic development programs. These programs include program design and implementation of HOPE VI resident services components in Indianapolis, Detroit, District of Columbia, and Kansas City, MO. In addition, TAG has designed resident services plans for HOPE VI Revised Revitalization Plans in New York City and Chester, PA.

Additionally, TAG and key sub-consultants have developed and implemented the Housing Authority of Kansas City's (HAKC's) One-Stop-Shop, as defined by the Workforce Investment Act (WIA) and the Family Self-Sufficiency Program (FSS). Staff at the Family and Development Learning Center (FDLC) assist residents in evaluating their needs, work with residents to establish a plan to meet their service and self-sufficiency needs and supply the necessary support or appropriate referrals to implement the resident's plan.

TAG also assisted in securing a joint HHS/HUD funded grant for Resident Uplift and Economic Development for HAKC, one of only six awarded nationally in 1997. TAG continued to work with HAKC to develop and operate welfare-to-work and self-sufficiency programs and collaborate with other local organizations, such as the local Private Industry Council and the Missouri Department of Family Services. TAG also facilitated the reorganization of the HAKC Resident Services Department, the movement of On-Site Service Coordinators to HAKC developments, and the creation of a 501 (c) (3) affiliated non-profit entity.

TAG has also worked with HAKC in the development of an Endowment Fund to finance future resident service programs and activities. The Endowment Fund is used as a vehicle to leverage additional outside resources to meet the future needs of the residents, a critical strategy in this time of increasingly scarce funding sources which are avaialble.