Jeffrey K. Lines

President, Project Director

Jeffrey K. Lines has over 40 years of experience in the field of public and assisted housing. He has worked in the administration of public housing at both the state and local levels and at the federal level as the U.S. District Court Receiver for the Housing Authority of Kansas City, Missouri transforming this formally distressed housing agency. He served as the lead technical consultant to the National Commission on Severely Distressed Public Housing coordinating all research, preparation of reports and the development of findings and recommendations presented to the U.S. Congress which served as the foundation for the HOPE VI Program and the mixed finance approach to redeveloping public housing. Mr. Lines served as a Senior Advisor to the Public Housing Operating Cost Study performed by Harvard University, which resulted in the New Operating Fund Rule and Asset Management approach to the operation of public housing. In 2010 he was retained by the Office of the HUD Secretary to convene the first ever conference between senior HUD Officials and residents and advocates representing every HUD assisted housing program to discuss the Obama Administration’s proposals to establish a uniform financial assistance program for all forms of HUD housing referred to as Transforming Rental Assistance which was later used to create the Rental Assistance Demonstration (RAD) Program. Mr. Lines has been involved in all aspects of the Moving To Work Demonstration since its inception and participated in the development of the initial financial models and other authorizations which are widely in use today at a number of large urban Public Housing Agencies. In 2014-2015, TAG was retained by the Massachusetts Chapter of NAHRO to assess methods for improving the operating and cost effectiveness of the state aided public housing program in Massachusetts. This work resulted in a report and a set of recommendations that formed the basis for legislation that was used to create comprehensive financial and operation reforms for the more than 200 housing authorities operating approximately 50,000 state aided public housing units in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. TAG was an original member of the working group financed by the HAI Group to develop a national accreditation system for public and assisted housing. Mr. Lines holds a Master of Business Administration from Suffolk University as well as a Master of Urban Affairs and B.A. degrees from Boston University. TAG Associates is a firm founded by Mr. Lines to provide needed technical assistance to public and subsidized housing providers and at times public interest organizations. TAG’s services cover all areas of housing operations and development assistance for a client base of public and non-profit organizations.